Company registration


Advantages of registering a sole owner limited liability company:

  • The company consists of one owner;
  • The property responsibility lies with the company itself, not with the owner.

Preparation for the registration of an ЕООD:

  • Consultation with our lawyer depending on the type of activity you have chosen;
  • Choosing a name, headquarter, business address and amount of the capital / The minimum amount of the capital of the EOOD is 2 BGN/.

How can we help you to register an EООD:

  • We will examine what specific requirements laid down by law or regulations are necessary for the registration of your company;
  • We will draw up all the necessary documentation;
  • We will submit the final set of documents in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency;
  • We will provide you with a Certificate of registration of your company.
  • We will order a stamp for your registered company;
  • We will direct you to the bodies and institutions issuing the additional documents you may need to start your activity, or we will obtain them on your behalf.

Fees for the registration of an ЕООD:

  • The state fee for registering an AD in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency is 110 BGN. Using our services, the registration fee in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency is 55 BGN;
  • Notary fee for the certification of Consent with a specimen of the manager’s signature in the amount of 6 BGN;
  • Opening a fundraising account in the Bank, upon registration of a company is about 20 BGN.

Attorney’s fee:

  • According to Ordinance №1 of 9 July 2004 on the minimum amount of Attorney’s fee.

Time limit for registration:

  • Upon completion of the documents, an application is submitted for initial registration of the traders in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency. The submitted documents are processed and the registration takes up to 24 hours.