A Paternity case may be opened when:

  • A child was born during the marriage but was not conceived by a husband who is registered as the father by virtue of the presumption of paternity;
  • There is a child who is not recognized after his birth and whose father is to be identified in court.

How can we help you?

  • You will receive legal advice from our lawyer;
  • We will draw up all the necessary documents;
  • We will file your documents in the competent court;
  • We will represent your interests before the court in the court proceedings and/or in the out-of-court settlement of your case;
  • Who can file a paternity lawsuit?
  • The husband of the child’s mother may bring proceedings to contest that he is the father of the child, proving that he or she could not have been conceived by him;
  • The mother can contest that her husband is the father of the child by proving that he or she could not have been conceived by him;
  • This claim can be filed up to one year after birth;
  • The child can challenge the paternity.

State fee:

The state fee for opening a paternity suit is imposed by the Court and is between 30 and 80 BGN, according to the State fees tariff

Attorney’s fee:

According to Ordinance №1 of 9 July 2004 on the minimum amount of Attorney’s fee.