Legal proceedings for placement under guardianship start when a person suffers from an illness, constituting « dementia or mental illness » and is unable to take appropriate care of his or her affairs;

The purpose of the proceedings is to protect the interests of both the person and the other participants in the civil turnover;

A relative of this person will take care of his interests.

How can we help you?

  • You will receive legal advice from our lawyer regarding the protection of your interests and these of the person whose interdiction is sought;
  • We will notify you of any evidence you have to provide;
  • We will draw up all the necessary documents;
  • We will file your documents in the competent court;
  • We will represent your interests and these of the person whose interdiction is sought in the court process.

Who can file a claim for the interdiction of a person?

  • Close relatives;
  • Husband/wife;
  • Public prosecutor.

Documents required:

  • Medical documents proving a mental illness or mental retardation of the person whose interdiction is requested.
  • Particularities of legal proceedings for interdiction of a person:
  • Interrogation of witnesses who are close to the person in order to confirm that he cannot take care of himself;
  • The degree of interdiction (full or limited) depends on the age of the person and the extent of his incapacity to care of their affairs, and only adults may be under limited incarceration.

State fee:

The state fee for opening a legal proceeding for a placement under guardianship is imposed by the Court and is between 30 and 80 BGN, according to the State fees tariff.

Attorney’s fee:

According to Ordinance №1 of 9 July 2004 on the minimum amount of Attorney’s fee.